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National Ride To Work Day for motorcyclists

This is prime riding weather here in the Northeast, which is why you don’t see much being written here at Biker Parties. We’re busy outside!

Among the many runs, multi-day activities, swap meets and other fun biker events during the Summer, there is one standout event that deserves becoming a long-standing tradition each year: The 17th Annual Ride To Work Day. Let me tell you about it, and see if you may also want to give it a try if you haven’t already.

The Ride to Work Day is on July 16th this year, being the third Wednesday in July annually. The Ride to Work Day is now internationally recognized by at least a dozen countries including America, but had its origins back in the late 80’s and very early 90’s right here in the USA, inspired by an idea from Aero Design and Manufacturing Co, then later more formally proposed in Road Rider Magazine in 1992.

What’s the idea? Ride to work and carry a passenger on the back while you’re at it, showing that riders come just as much from the average workforce as they do from anywhere else; so yes, a good percentage of riders do hold down daily jobs and have families too. What is also demonstrated is the importance motorcycles can have in offsetting travel time, gas pricing, and even some traffic and parking space if you think about it.

If you want to take a further look, is the website of the 501 c4 nonprofit organization, organized by Andy Goldfine, Lynn Wisneski, and Christine Holt at present.

International Ride To Work Day

As for other countries, I’ve heard that in the UK, barbeques and charity events are being encouraged throughout an entire motorcycle-featured week, with the Ride To Work Day being the “star” event of the week. Consider giving it a try, and if you do, on the way home why not work up a barbecue or a meet at your favorite local spot for all the working riders you know who are joining in on it? Could turn into a fantastic end of the day, even if it is a workday.

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