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It’s an early Winter here in the Northeastern U.S., and the bikes are safely stored away. Ice on the driveways, snow about to happen again, we’re calling it the end of riding season at our house. But that doesn’t mean the fun and parties end, not a chance.

If you take a look at a calendar like the Biker Parties Calendar, you’ll see that in various parts of America, the parties and runs continue into Winter, and the nice thing about them is that aside from the usual club Holiday parties, many are charitable runs and events, well worth the donated amount to join in on the fun.

Let it be stated for the record right now that American bikers aren’t as recognized as they deserve for their kind and generous hearts! How many times have I seen a benefit organized for a real worthy cause, done for no other reason than to help a specialized hospital research or some children very down on their luck and health? All throughout the year.

No time hits harder for those having physical, mental or spiritual misfortune than the Winter Holidays. It’s a welcome sight to see those charitable runs and parties, all of them.

So, enjoy all the beautiful festivities, make a party of Winter itself, and I know you’ll be setting a little time and energy aside like we all do for just that little bit of grassroots good you can bring on.

And thank you, every one of you, who participates on any level in the kind of charity events that don’t always receive the gratitude and attention that other, more traditional and corporate benefit functions may get. The people who matter most do appreciate you.

That’s all I have to say about this Holiday Season, other than:
Let it snow!

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