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The Am-Jam Tattoo Expo 2008 is one event we’re not missing. Biker Parties has a fully live cam and chat to view throughout the event right on site. You can look in on all the fun here during the weekend of January 18 – 20, 2008:

What an escape from almost monochrome Winter landscapes! A burst of inked colors everywhere you turn, amazing tattoo artists, and a warm, bright environment where you can wander about and take it all in, and maybe even find that perfect tattoo you know you’ve been wanting.

Enjoy, and see you there!

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The riding season is about done, we’re due to get our first frost here in the Northeastern US, and I’m already hunting around for those “just right” Holiday gifts for those dearest to me. It’s never an easy find.

It’s always good in my opinion to find a great fit of a gift for each person, one that works at a personal level. I’m also fond of giving gifts of jewelry, nothing too outrageously expensive, but one of a kind items that will actually be worn. Last year, I found a hummingbird necklace, star fused glass earrings and a semiprecious stone bracelet for my sisters, a pendant for my Mom, another semi-precious stone bracelet, and a giant chunk of silver as pendant in a fantasy theme for another gift. Those are in addition to whatever else I come up with at the Holidays for all the other relatives and friends, and of course my original artwork on a limited edition signed card as the finishing touch.

I’ve certainly received some beautiful gifts of jewelry, too, and tend to wear only what is given as a gift to me as far as jewelry goes. I go real light on the jewelry wearing when out on a ride. Some of my faves are garnets, emeralds, platinum (okay, nobody’s given me platinum yet, but I do like it), silver, 14k gold, leather, diamonds, amethyst, and fused glass in a realism style (because I think creating something recognizable in fused glass, while retaining detail and beauty, is just tougher and more appealing than abstract work).

One thing I’ve noticed is that some of my friends have an odd sensitivity to certain pieces of jewelry with rashes, irritations and such. I don’t have that problem, but then I also don’t wear much jewelry really. But they suffer. And complain.

This year, I also found a different kind of possible gift to include with any jewelry I give them, a small bottled solution of herbal and simple antibacterial and coating ingredients that get rid of any rash happening from jewelry. JewelRX at is the company and product name. According to one friend of mine, it works great, so for those friends who I know have trouble with jewelry irritations, I’m just going to wrap it pretty and send it along with my other gifts to them, then wait for the feedback. I think they’ll like it a lot.

So, on to more shopping for me. This year, I want to find some really amazing gifts. It’s never easy, but since I’m a hardcore shopper, it’s fun for me.

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Turn your print or digital photo into a beautiful cotton knit blanket.
Free Shipping

How many people do you know that have the old bar and shield blanket on their couch or their bed. Be the first to have a picture of your Bike actually knitted into the blanket.


Biker Parties uses an American manufacturer of some of the nicest home accessories in the world. They have customers that span the globe with some of the coolest home and gift stores you will find anywhere.

So how do we do this? It’s simple.

First you provide us with your favorite photograph. You can upload your digital photo or scanned image to our web site using our easy to use, secure ordering on line. If you have any questions at all, please phone one of our friendly customer service representative’s at 518-533-9819.

Once we have received your photo we get to work. Don’t worry if you are not a professional photographer. We make you look like one. Our experienced design staff optimizes your photo by fixing any scratches, positions, and crops, the subject matter so that your blanket composition is professional. One photo per blanket always yields the best results.
We would recommend not doing anymore than two photos per blanket, but we will put up to four pictures on a blanket at no extra charge. Once we have converted your picture, it’s off to the knitting machines.

The real deal. Really.

Our picture blanket is not printed, nor is it some kind of cheap photo heat transfer. The blanket won’t fade and the image cannot wear off. Your picture is actually knitted into the blanket using four colors of yarn, black, natural, and two shades of grey, giving your blanket the classic appearance of a great black and white photo. We also offer the picture blanket in sepia tones, lending itself to a little warmer image, but still a classic. Our blankets are finished on both sides. The back is an attractive blend of the four colored yarns knitted into a bird’s mouth pattern.

BikerParties picture blankets are not for light weights. When it’s all said and done, our large 50”x 65” blanket weighs a staggering 4lbs. You get the best of both worlds. Snuggle on the couch with. We also offer a smaller 35”x 45” blanket in both sepia and black and white. All of our recycled cotton is preshrunk and machine wash and dry. Allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

At the end of the day. Relax.
We’re the blanket guys. We’re the guys that make those great blankets.

Large Picture Blanket: $119.00 Free Shipping
Small Picture Blanket: $85.00 anywhere in the continental US
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