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National Ride To Work Day for motorcyclists

This is prime riding weather here in the Northeast, which is why you don’t see much being written here at Biker Parties. We’re busy outside!

Among the many runs, multi-day activities, swap meets and other fun biker events during the Summer, there is one standout event that deserves becoming a long-standing tradition each year: The 17th Annual Ride To Work Day. Let me tell you about it, and see if you may also want to give it a try if you haven’t already.

The Ride to Work Day is on July 16th this year, being the third Wednesday in July annually. The Ride to Work Day is now internationally recognized by at least a dozen countries including America, but had its origins back in the late 80’s and very early 90’s right here in the USA, inspired by an idea from Aero Design and Manufacturing Co, then later more formally proposed in Road Rider Magazine in 1992.

What’s the idea? Ride to work and carry a passenger on the back while you’re at it, showing that riders come just as much from the average workforce as they do from anywhere else; so yes, a good percentage of riders do hold down daily jobs and have families too. What is also demonstrated is the importance motorcycles can have in offsetting travel time, gas pricing, and even some traffic and parking space if you think about it.

If you want to take a further look, is the website of the 501 c4 nonprofit organization, organized by Andy Goldfine, Lynn Wisneski, and Christine Holt at present.

International Ride To Work Day

As for other countries, I’ve heard that in the UK, barbeques and charity events are being encouraged throughout an entire motorcycle-featured week, with the Ride To Work Day being the “star” event of the week. Consider giving it a try, and if you do, on the way home why not work up a barbecue or a meet at your favorite local spot for all the working riders you know who are joining in on it? Could turn into a fantastic end of the day, even if it is a workday.

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We decided to do the Am-Jam Tattoo Expo 2008 in Syracuse, New York and had an amazing time of it. At the Biker Parties booth, in the middle of the competition action, the official, new Am-Jam Tattoo Show Cam was on and streaming for all the competitions and shows throughout the weekend courtesy of Biker Parties. Hawkwing Designs was set up right there, too. I brought the hand-poured black leather scented LuminesScents candles for that one.

Okay, so here’s how it was for me. The Am-Jam Tattoo Show web Cam had a live chat going on in addition to the cam, in which people could send their well wishes and messages to entrants in the competitions as they watched, as well as talking with staff. And yes I did step in front of the cam a couple of times to say hi to some friends who were looking in from various states, but never during any of the judging, shows or other activities. It was Mardi Gras time over in New Orleans right through the weekend (in fact, until Tuesday in February), of course, so we put on some rarer old New Orleans blues tunes, including some Mardi Gras ones, to be heard by cam viewers on the web and our friends in New Orleans as well as the people waiting between competitions in the room. Those old blues came straight from my personal collection. I kept forgetting that the mic was always on, though. Damn. I’m sure there were a few conversations that people listening in from the web didn’t need to hear, but who cares about how much sleep I got the night before or what I craved for a snack at the moment anyway, eh?

Lizardman was there doing his great shows for the crowd. He brought his own trademark finesse to some fine magical traditions within some of his shows . I really liked that, being a long-time afficionado of magic, bizarre magic, and old-time magicians.

The tattoos being judged this year were truly fantastic. Symbolism, realism, subtleties of personalized meaning packed into tight boundaries, surrealism, tribal art, portraiture, botanical art, nature art, pin up art, and vintage tattoo imagery, oh it was all there. The judges have their own rigorous criteria by which they decide the winning tattoos and flash art. I was impressed with their thoughtful and thorough judgments.

Tattoo artists were plentiful at this convention, enough to fill several rooms when setting up shop. Artists and attendees came from all over the place. Tattoos were going on non-stop, I’d say.

They had live music in the bar, a hotel restaurant for meals there at the hotel, and a food booth was also set up.

It’s always interesting to see that many artists side by side at an event, and how their styles differ so wildly. When time allowed, I strolled through just taking it all in.

It was a completely fun and enjoyable weekend show.

We’ll be doing it again next January, I’m fairly sure.

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The Am-Jam Tattoo Expo 2008 is one event we’re not missing. Biker Parties has a fully live cam and chat to view throughout the event right on site. You can look in on all the fun here during the weekend of January 18 – 20, 2008:

What an escape from almost monochrome Winter landscapes! A burst of inked colors everywhere you turn, amazing tattoo artists, and a warm, bright environment where you can wander about and take it all in, and maybe even find that perfect tattoo you know you’ve been wanting.

Enjoy, and see you there!

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It’s an early Winter here in the Northeastern U.S., and the bikes are safely stored away. Ice on the driveways, snow about to happen again, we’re calling it the end of riding season at our house. But that doesn’t mean the fun and parties end, not a chance.

If you take a look at a calendar like the Biker Parties Calendar, you’ll see that in various parts of America, the parties and runs continue into Winter, and the nice thing about them is that aside from the usual club Holiday parties, many are charitable runs and events, well worth the donated amount to join in on the fun.

Let it be stated for the record right now that American bikers aren’t as recognized as they deserve for their kind and generous hearts! How many times have I seen a benefit organized for a real worthy cause, done for no other reason than to help a specialized hospital research or some children very down on their luck and health? All throughout the year.

No time hits harder for those having physical, mental or spiritual misfortune than the Winter Holidays. It’s a welcome sight to see those charitable runs and parties, all of them.

So, enjoy all the beautiful festivities, make a party of Winter itself, and I know you’ll be setting a little time and energy aside like we all do for just that little bit of grassroots good you can bring on.

And thank you, every one of you, who participates on any level in the kind of charity events that don’t always receive the gratitude and attention that other, more traditional and corporate benefit functions may get. The people who matter most do appreciate you.

That’s all I have to say about this Holiday Season, other than:
Let it snow!

For Biker Parties
My best to you,

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The riding season is about done, we’re due to get our first frost here in the Northeastern US, and I’m already hunting around for those “just right” Holiday gifts for those dearest to me. It’s never an easy find.

It’s always good in my opinion to find a great fit of a gift for each person, one that works at a personal level. I’m also fond of giving gifts of jewelry, nothing too outrageously expensive, but one of a kind items that will actually be worn. Last year, I found a hummingbird necklace, star fused glass earrings and a semiprecious stone bracelet for my sisters, a pendant for my Mom, another semi-precious stone bracelet, and a giant chunk of silver as pendant in a fantasy theme for another gift. Those are in addition to whatever else I come up with at the Holidays for all the other relatives and friends, and of course my original artwork on a limited edition signed card as the finishing touch.

I’ve certainly received some beautiful gifts of jewelry, too, and tend to wear only what is given as a gift to me as far as jewelry goes. I go real light on the jewelry wearing when out on a ride. Some of my faves are garnets, emeralds, platinum (okay, nobody’s given me platinum yet, but I do like it), silver, 14k gold, leather, diamonds, amethyst, and fused glass in a realism style (because I think creating something recognizable in fused glass, while retaining detail and beauty, is just tougher and more appealing than abstract work).

One thing I’ve noticed is that some of my friends have an odd sensitivity to certain pieces of jewelry with rashes, irritations and such. I don’t have that problem, but then I also don’t wear much jewelry really. But they suffer. And complain.

This year, I also found a different kind of possible gift to include with any jewelry I give them, a small bottled solution of herbal and simple antibacterial and coating ingredients that get rid of any rash happening from jewelry. JewelRX at is the company and product name. According to one friend of mine, it works great, so for those friends who I know have trouble with jewelry irritations, I’m just going to wrap it pretty and send it along with my other gifts to them, then wait for the feedback. I think they’ll like it a lot.

So, on to more shopping for me. This year, I want to find some really amazing gifts. It’s never easy, but since I’m a hardcore shopper, it’s fun for me.

For Biker Parties
My best to you,

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Turn your print or digital photo into a beautiful cotton knit blanket.
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How many people do you know that have the old bar and shield blanket on their couch or their bed. Be the first to have a picture of your Bike actually knitted into the blanket.


Biker Parties uses an American manufacturer of some of the nicest home accessories in the world. They have customers that span the globe with some of the coolest home and gift stores you will find anywhere.

So how do we do this? It’s simple.

First you provide us with your favorite photograph. You can upload your digital photo or scanned image to our web site using our easy to use, secure ordering on line. If you have any questions at all, please phone one of our friendly customer service representative’s at 518-533-9819.

Once we have received your photo we get to work. Don’t worry if you are not a professional photographer. We make you look like one. Our experienced design staff optimizes your photo by fixing any scratches, positions, and crops, the subject matter so that your blanket composition is professional. One photo per blanket always yields the best results.
We would recommend not doing anymore than two photos per blanket, but we will put up to four pictures on a blanket at no extra charge. Once we have converted your picture, it’s off to the knitting machines.

The real deal. Really.

Our picture blanket is not printed, nor is it some kind of cheap photo heat transfer. The blanket won’t fade and the image cannot wear off. Your picture is actually knitted into the blanket using four colors of yarn, black, natural, and two shades of grey, giving your blanket the classic appearance of a great black and white photo. We also offer the picture blanket in sepia tones, lending itself to a little warmer image, but still a classic. Our blankets are finished on both sides. The back is an attractive blend of the four colored yarns knitted into a bird’s mouth pattern.

BikerParties picture blankets are not for light weights. When it’s all said and done, our large 50”x 65” blanket weighs a staggering 4lbs. You get the best of both worlds. Snuggle on the couch with. We also offer a smaller 35”x 45” blanket in both sepia and black and white. All of our recycled cotton is preshrunk and machine wash and dry. Allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

At the end of the day. Relax.
We’re the blanket guys. We’re the guys that make those great blankets.

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NorTon John

The Saratoga Automobile Museum in Saratoga Springs is currently presenting an exhibit called Born 2 Ride, America on Two Wheels, at 110 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs, New York, through July 22, 2007.

We went to this one since we happened to be in the Saratoga Springs area, and enjoyed seeing the collection of historical motorcycles and the story behind each. This does cost money to attend, but bring your camera and take a few photos. I wish I’d brought my own camera, but all I had was a cell phone cam, so my photos were all phone cam ones this time around.

Which ones are a must see? A few examples:

-You might enjoy the Vincent


-The 500cc Harley Davidson factory speedway motorcycle of Joe Petrali

-Model 741 Indian WWII U.S. military model is another eye catcher, once owned by Steve McQueen

Indian WWII U.S. Military Model motorcycle

-Most would smile when seeing the exact replicas of the Captain America bike and Billy Bike

-Love custom? Check out Von Dutch’s 1958 Triumph Thunderbird

-One of Dot Robinson’s infamously pink Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the one in this exhibit was her last one. Dot Robinson, for those who don’t already know, co-founded the Motor Maids in 1941. And if you don’t know who the Motor Maids are, well, you might want to learn more about them.

-The wheelie Honda of Doug Domokos is displayed in, of course, a motionless wheelie position

Wheelie Honda of Doug Domokos

-A Harley Davidson-powered streamliner on display in which Cal Rayborn set a 265 mph land-speed record at the Bonneville salt flats

-The little tale of Effie Hotchkiss is a great one, accompanied by a 1918 Harley Davidson with sidecar to illustrate, though hers would have been a 1915 gray Harley Davidson with wider sidecar to accommodate luggage and her mother, who she brought with her on the first cross country ride made by a woman. I can only imagine how grueling but adventurous that cross country ride in the very early 1900’s was for Effie and her mother.

There were more on display, each equally interesting, but why not just choose a nice day, hop on the bike, and go see for yourself. Don’t forget to take a quick glance around the cars on exhibit too. I personally loved the 1931 Pierce-Arrow Dual Cowl Phaeton.

Pierce-Arrow Dual Cowl Phaeton

It’s my opinion that when more people support these kinds of motorcycle-related exhibits and events, the events will just get better and be available more often.

Just to note, I bought a small gift there in the museum shop before we left — a little wind-up toy motorcycle as part of a birthday gift. I don’t know anyone who’s too old for a toy like that.

For Biker Parties,
My best to you,

Contributing Writer

Hi all,

As the 2007 riding season is fast coming and not too soon for us in the great white north, I thought it would be nice to recap some of the runs we attended in 2006.

Ride Safe

NorTon John


Biker Parties Run Review

The ABATE NY Freedom Rally was a success even though the rain came and the temperatures dropped.

The ABATE weekend started on Friday with rain all day.

Things got a slow start, then came Saturday and the sun came out. The Booze Fighters had a run at the same location, Wholly Cow in Schodack, on Saturday. ABATE saw a few people drift in and out all day. Sunday again came the rain and to everyone’s surprise they saw support coming in from mainly out of town chapters riding to the event in the rain. Sunday evening was a live band and great food, a small crowd but a great time. Monday morning, just in time for the rally ride to the NYS capital, the sun came out and the bikes started rolling in.

As far as we could tell there seemed to be about 200 bikes that showed for the ride.

We had a great time and will be back next year for this fun event.

Check out the pictures of the event at the Gallery link below.


2006 Road Dragons Bike Show

What a great group of guys. We arrived at the event in the rain and found all in attendance up-beat and ready to party. Joe Roy Jackson was rocking the bar and the burgers and dogs were on the BBQ, and the Road Dragons were making all in attendance feel welcomed. The rain did put a damper on the Bike Show as many of the show bikes did not venture out and get the chrome all messed up. But what the hey it was a great event, good people, great music, lots of food, and brotherhood.

There are a few pics in the gallery of the Road Dragons President TK showing his fun side with a pet goat……. LOL

NorTon John


BikerParties and BikerDater Live from AM-JAM 2006

AM-JAM 2006
22 years of BIKES, BABES & TATTOOS!

What can I say, this is one of the best national / local bike events BikerParties attends each year. This year there were a few changes and with changes comes a bit of confusion. The bands were moved from the main stage to a big tent in back of the grandstands. This made for an up-close bar club type experience but lacked seating for us old guys that just can’t stand on our feet for hours on end. As always the Lady Legs and Wet T-shirt contests brought out some great looking ladies that were willing to show their stuff. The weekend had its share of sun and rain and an impromptu Mud wrestling contest broke out between a few young ladies. Our favorite place to eat was there, the Pancake Guy and of course spedies. The event had a good deal of vendors and everywhere you looked were great custom bikes for viewing and for sale. The Bike Show proved to be a great time. And the Tattoo Show had a line up of great art work. Now all we have to do is hold on and look forward to AM-JAM 2007.

Some great photos from Am-Jam are available right at the Am-Jam website.

NorTon John


BikerParties and BikerDater at Americade 2006 Run Report

Americade 2006

Americade was wet and cold this year. We all spent most the time looking to stay dry or warm. Friday evening we had a great dinner at Stony Creek Inn in Stony Creek, NY. We did get a chance to go into Warrensburg for some great shopping. Warrensburg has become a great place to find all types of vendors. It also seems they have better deals, and this could be due to cheaper vendor spaces. The parking is better than in Lake George and the local business people are welcoming; you have the great feeling of a stellar event all around you. We then jumped on the Northway then headed south to the first Lake George exit and headed south on 9 to the Indian Village to shop for leather and t-shirts. The deals were great and the crowd was large. This is the first year we did not make it into Lake George. I personally think charging $10.00 a head to view vendors is a huge rip off so we opted not to go to the Tour Expo area. I have been going to Americade for 20 years and have seen it grow from an event where you could have a great time and not feel like you were being taken advantage of to what is now a ‘raise the prices on everything’ event. A friend even noticed that at the local Price Chopper market not a single item was on sale. All the Lake George area gas stations were at least 9 cents higher than the gas 5 miles south. The good news is there are small towns all around Lake George where you can go and still get a fair shake.

NorTon John


2006 report from Albany Renegade Pigs Annual Pig Roast

Renegade Pigs (Albany Chapter) hosted their annual Pig Roast at the Nassau VFW Post, Lyons Lake Rd. & Rte. 20, Nassau, NY…12:00PM until??? Beer, soda, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, clam chowder and PIG. Music by ‘Poor Dead Molly’…bike games, vendors, tattoos…

Ok, lets be honest here, I had no idea what to expect going to an event hosted by a Law Enforcement Club. But these guys and ladies know how to throw a party. Great bikes, lovely ladies in the wet t-shirt contest. Well organized bike games and some of the best event food I have ever eaten. The crowd was big and everyone was respectful of each other.

They had a power outage mid-afternoon and within an hour one of their members showed up with a generator to run the whole event, the band started up again and when we headed out at 7PM the party was still going strong.

NorTon John


Welcome to Biker Parties!

This blog is my way of filling you in on happenings at our site, and on biker parties, events, motorcycle organizations, biker-friendly business, and everything about the ride.

BikerParties went online April 17th, 1989. The website was started as a way for bikers, promoters and clubs all around the USA to get the word out about their events. I have and will continue to keep the site a free service for the Biker Community.

We do this by hosting a National Events Calendar. This Calendar also shows up on many other biker-related sites, such as and to list a few. The Calendar is a free service as is most of our site.

Over the years, I have added areas for biker-related businesses to list their locations and websites.

We have an area where anyone can add their biker-related links.

We are now adding a Biker Parties Store and will be taking some select, desirable items on consignment.

In 2005 we added an ADULT area for BikerParties: let’s face it, we are all adults here and motorcycle events can get a bit risqué, so to protect the kids we have an area that is blocked by SafeSerf code so ratings programs and rating in browsers should keep them out.

New for 2006 into 2007: is offering three ways to interact with other bikers.

2006 found BikerParties at about five large biker events doing reports and at a few with Live Cams on the website; this is in the new BikerParties Adult area.

Late in 2005, we took over the web hosting and the Webmaster job for the AM-JAM website. Staff Designer and my Ol’ Lady, Tam from Hawkwing Designs has done the last two T-shirt designs for the run which can be seen at Tam is a talented graphic artist that knows the biker lifestyle, so if you need some illustration or design work, drop her a note.

New ideas in the works and the resurrection of a few old ones:

1. We hope to start back up the Classifieds area once again.

2. We would also like to compile a list of Biker Friendly bars,
clubs, hotels and B&B’s, among other businesses serving motorcyclists.

3. Once again, we are going to be looking for people to webmaster their state’s website in the hope we will get more coverage of local happenings and a more complete list of Biker Friendly Businesses around the country.

All of the features mentioned can be seen at our website. But check back here, where the latest news will be added regularly.

Ride Safe, and I hope to meet you on the road,
NorTon John
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