The Saratoga Automobile Museum in Saratoga Springs is currently presenting an exhibit called Born 2 Ride, America on Two Wheels, at 110 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs, New York, through July 22, 2007.

We went to this one since we happened to be in the Saratoga Springs area, and enjoyed seeing the collection of historical motorcycles and the story behind each. This does cost money to attend, but bring your camera and take a few photos. I wish I’d brought my own camera, but all I had was a cell phone cam, so my photos were all phone cam ones this time around.

Which ones are a must see? A few examples:

-You might enjoy the Vincent


-The 500cc Harley Davidson factory speedway motorcycle of Joe Petrali

-Model 741 Indian WWII U.S. military model is another eye catcher, once owned by Steve McQueen

Indian WWII U.S. Military Model motorcycle

-Most would smile when seeing the exact replicas of the Captain America bike and Billy Bike

-Love custom? Check out Von Dutch’s 1958 Triumph Thunderbird

-One of Dot Robinson’s infamously pink Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the one in this exhibit was her last one. Dot Robinson, for those who don’t already know, co-founded the Motor Maids in 1941. And if you don’t know who the Motor Maids are, well, you might want to learn more about them.

-The wheelie Honda of Doug Domokos is displayed in, of course, a motionless wheelie position

Wheelie Honda of Doug Domokos

-A Harley Davidson-powered streamliner on display in which Cal Rayborn set a 265 mph land-speed record at the Bonneville salt flats

-The little tale of Effie Hotchkiss is a great one, accompanied by a 1918 Harley Davidson with sidecar to illustrate, though hers would have been a 1915 gray Harley Davidson with wider sidecar to accommodate luggage and her mother, who she brought with her on the first cross country ride made by a woman. I can only imagine how grueling but adventurous that cross country ride in the very early 1900’s was for Effie and her mother.

There were more on display, each equally interesting, but why not just choose a nice day, hop on the bike, and go see for yourself. Don’t forget to take a quick glance around the cars on exhibit too. I personally loved the 1931 Pierce-Arrow Dual Cowl Phaeton.

Pierce-Arrow Dual Cowl Phaeton

It’s my opinion that when more people support these kinds of motorcycle-related exhibits and events, the events will just get better and be available more often.

Just to note, I bought a small gift there in the museum shop before we left — a little wind-up toy motorcycle as part of a birthday gift. I don’t know anyone who’s too old for a toy like that.

For Biker Parties,
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