Welcome to Biker Parties!

This blog is my way of filling you in on happenings at our site, and on biker parties, events, motorcycle organizations, biker-friendly business, and everything about the ride.

BikerParties went online April 17th, 1989. The website was started as a way for bikers, promoters and clubs all around the USA to get the word out about their events. I have and will continue to keep the site a free service for the Biker Community.

We do this by hosting a National Events Calendar. This Calendar also shows up on many other biker-related sites, such as am-jam.com and amadis3.com to list a few. The Calendar is a free service as is most of our site.

Over the years, I have added areas for biker-related businesses to list their locations and websites.

We have an area where anyone can add their biker-related links.

We are now adding a Biker Parties Store and will be taking some select, desirable items on consignment.

In 2005 we added an ADULT area for BikerParties: let’s face it, we are all adults here and motorcycle events can get a bit risqué, so to protect the kids we have an area that is blocked by SafeSerf code so ratings programs and rating in browsers should keep them out.

New for 2006 into 2007: BikerParties.com is offering three ways to interact with other bikers.

2006 found BikerParties at about five large biker events doing reports and at a few with Live Cams on the website; this is in the new BikerParties Adult area.

Late in 2005, we took over the web hosting and the Webmaster job for the AM-JAM website. Staff Designer and my Ol’ Lady, Tam from Hawkwing Designs has done the last two T-shirt designs for the run which can be seen at am-jam.com/graphics.htm Tam is a talented graphic artist that knows the biker lifestyle, so if you need some illustration or design work, drop her a note.

New ideas in the works and the resurrection of a few old ones:

1. We hope to start back up the Classifieds area once again.

2. We would also like to compile a list of Biker Friendly bars,
clubs, hotels and B&B’s, among other businesses serving motorcyclists.

3. Once again, we are going to be looking for people to webmaster their state’s website in the hope we will get more coverage of local happenings and a more complete list of Biker Friendly Businesses around the country.

All of the features mentioned can be seen at our website. But check back here, where the latest news will be added regularly.

Ride Safe, and I hope to meet you on the road,
NorTon John
Biker Parties